Del La Parker

Sales Executive

An established name in real estate on the Gold Coast, Del came from humble beginnings. Like many that came up through the ranks, her life in Real Estate has been surely gifted.

From the many achievements, industry awards and accolades it has been a varied and interesting career for Del.

An enjoyable ride, which took many turns throughout the years. Del says what she has learnt is that everyone is not for this business but those that survive today do so because of their professionalism, sincerity and desire to win and achieve.

Several things stay firmly in Del’s mind throughout her extended career:

“When in doubt, don’t”. I may lose a sale, but never the client.

I think that one of the most rewarding things in the Real Estate business is that there is room for everyone - young and mature. Like Greg Norman says, “no one’s bigger than the game”.

If you are not serious, they simply come and go…… Respect for people, listening and understanding your clients – communicating.

Not like a Politician, only promise what you can deliver. It is a wonderful career and we meet many exciting people.

“Better to have been a has been then a never was at all” …. Slim Dusty

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